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Dmitry Burlakov
Also transliterated as Dmitrii
Software Engineer
As stated by the subject
It's d-antaeus-b
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Exact info classified
Favorite buzzwords
NestJS, PWA, Node.js, THREEjs, d3, Magento (aka Adobe commerce), Minecraft

Subject notes

Hello! Glad to see you here.

This is my personal website, where I can store info about my projects, deploy playgrounds and plan to share my thoughts.

If you are interested in hiring me, I am currently looking only for relocation supported jobs in Canada (Need LMIA in most provinces) as an Express Entry candidate. You can find my resume here.

I'm currently working with Magento 1, 2 (PHP), Magento PWA (TypeScript, React). For personal projects I'm currently exploring Java (LWJGL), Nestjs, Next.js.

My work experience includes:

  • Small team management experience (6 people): management process was involving processing requests from the business representatives, delegating and decomposing tasks (not only to programmers but also to designers and content managers), [REDACTED], system design, keeping docs and knowledge databases like Confluence up to date.
  • Linux and CI/CD: deploying to bare metal, Docker (+ Swarm) using different tools. Tried different technologies and paradigms: from building desktop apps (C#) and video games, to data research with Haskell, R, [REDACTED], Python and some microcontrollers programming (Arduino, C).

For me programming is not about "stack", but about a passion to make complex and clever systems work. I'm perfectly fine with switching between different languages and paradigms, and trying to learn as much as possible to a reasonable extent. I strongly believe that such approach is the best way to innovate or make a good product by combining knowledge from different fields.

Interested and would love to participate in projects with: TypeScript, WebGL, GPGPU (Computing Shaders, GPU accelerated algorithms), Functional programming, Backend services for multiplayer video games, Rust (no crypto), Swift not for Apple products (Love Swift, don't really like iOS/macOS infrastructure, would be interesting to try Swift in action for other purposes);

Not interested in: Cryptocurrencies (but have interest in decentralized governance), Typical e-commerce websites, System programming (appreciate and love to learn about low-level tricks, but I'm more of a product person).